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Lezley McSpadden Gets Her Diploma

Michael Brown‘s mother, Lezley McSpadden, honored her slain son by obtaining her high school diploma on Friday (May 26) through a new adult high school program at the Jennings School District.

Lezley, 37, dropped out of high school when she got pregnant with Mike.

Last fall, when she met with Jennings Superintendent Art McCoy to discuss how her Michael O.D. Brown: We Love Our Sons and Daughters Foundation could collaborate with the district, he presented her with the opportunity to get her diploma.

McCoy said, “I turned the conversation toward saying, I know she dropped out of school when she had Michael Brown, and that we had to get her educated and get a diploma. What better way is it to honor your son than to get the degree he got?”

The adult high school program was launched in September with Lezley and one other adult, who met for a few hours in the afternoons at least once a week to complete their diplomas.

Lezley McSpadden graduated with 160 other Jennings High School students at the Chaifetz Arena – including her 18-year-old daughter.

Congratulations! I know Mike is smiling down on his mom and sister.

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