Michael Blackson Responds To Kevin Hart

Michael Blackson Responds To Kevin Hart

If you follow Michael Blackson on social media you already know he has a field day clowning folks who play themselves – but it’s all in good fun.

Apparently, Kevin Hart didn’t take too kindly to Michael’s jokes about his cheating scandal.

Here’s what the Jumanji star had to say during his interview on “The Breakfast Club“:


Michael Blackson responded to Kevin’s remarks with this Instagram post:

Kevin Hart - Michael Blackson

That’s when T.I. offered his unsolicited two cents:

Kevin Hart - Michael Blackson - T.I.

Why is T.I. always minding someone else’s business like he’s the mayor of Whoville?!

Anywho…that didn’t stop Michael’s crazy behind from posting this video:


I’m sure Kevin Hart is somewhere cracking up at this!

The moral of the story is: You can’t do dumb stuff and get mad when people clown you! (See also Tyrese)