Michael Bivins took to social media over the weekend to celebrate the success of “The New Edition Story.”

According to Mike, the legendary group’s 3-part biopic scored 19 million viewers despite naysayers and those who doubted their story could attract an audience.

Read his post below.

The New Edition Story

The New Edition Story! Brought families together and a younger generation, is singing candy girl! The people have been heard and numbers dont lie 19million viewers. Every executive that works at a movie building, tv channel or agent in NY or LA! Was caught off guard with the success of this movie and how it broke numbers on cable TV #yallshowedup! When @bet made the announcement they where doing our life story, alot of the community said why them and when the cast was decided folks said why them?

BET is the only network that believed in our story and they went out and raised millions of dollars to shoot it raw and real and quality, because they didn’t wanna let you all down or our journey #grateful! Make your deals and read your paperwork ladies and gents in the game, let’s raise the bar of business and entertainment! Thank you on behalf of my brothers and our families! This one is for the culture….God bless NE …..

Congratulations to New Edition, Jesse Collins, and BET!