Michael B. Jordan

A video clip of Michael B. Jordan playing the shizznit out of an Australian colonizer has the internet in shambles.

The clip that’s gone viral on social media shows the Black Panther star doing press with Maude Garrett.

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When Michael B. Jordan asks Maude if she’s seen the film she responds by hitting the Wakanda salute. Michael immediately shuts her down saying, “You Ain’t from Wakanda!”

Watch the clip below:



You know I was dead to the floor after seeing the clip, but my Spidey senses told me there had to be more to this.

So, I tracked down the original video, which is titled, “Flirting with Michael B. Jordan,” and the entire interview felt a little satire-ish.

What the clip circulating on social media doesn’t show you is after the super awkward (and hilarious) moment, Michael tells Maude, “I’m just messing with you,” and they both laughing it off.

Watch below.



At the end of the day…it’s still Wakanda Forever!

Your thoughts?