Apple TV Father Time Ad - Kobe Bryant - Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan Shades Kobe Bryant In New ‘Father Time’ Apple TV Ad

Apple TV released a new ad featuring retiring NBA great Kobe Bryant and young Hollywood hunk, Michael B. Jordan.

In the ad, titled, “Father Time,” Michael is set to portray Kobe in a movie.

The Black Mamba uses the voice-controlled smart search to open the NBA app to show Michael footage from his game as inspiration for his portrayal.

However, Michael B. Jordan shades the heck out of Kobe by only focusing on telling the story of a hero who’s “locked in a battle with father time” and “on the verge of a steep decline.”

He even pulls up The Curious Case of Benjamin Button as a point of reference.

Watch the commercial below.


My favorite Apple TV commercial is “The Kiss” featuring “Game of Thrones” star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau singing Jeremih‘s “Oui.”


I love it!

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