Michael B. Jordan - DuJour Magazine


Michael B. Jordan is gracing the latest issue of Dujour magazine solidifying the fact that his middle initial couldn’t stand for anything except “bae.”

The Fantastic Four actor, who will star in the Rocky spin-off, Creed, this November, chats about a number of topics from working with Bill Cosby as a pre-teen to the effects of success and how it changes everyone around you.

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Read a few quotes from Michael’s cover story below.

On working with Bill Cosby:

He commanded that set; that was his show. He demanded a professionalism from everyone.

He gave me a tick. He said, ‘You care about your hair. You love your hair. You brush your hair nonstop all day. That’s what you do.’ And I was like ‘alright, got it.’ So I brushed my hair. And you’re shooting this thing for hours. Imagine brushing your hair until your scalp is raw.

On purchasing his first home:

There’s going to be a few ‘do it yourself’ projects for sure.

I can already see the headlines: Michael B. Jordan Loses Finger and Arm While Installing Cabinets!

(From the moment he walked in the door of the West Hollywood home, he says, he could picture his entire family gathered there. With that, he was sold.)

On settling down:

Sometimes, you think you’re gonna be young forever. You get stuck in that fun phase.

My family environment growing up is very much what I want eventually. It gives me hope and a longing for something more than the surface kind of relationships that you have so much. I always use them as a gauge. They were 28 or 29 when they got married. So, I have a year.

But unless something dramatic goes down, I don’t see that happening.

On the effects of success:

People say you change when you get successful. But that’s not really how it works. I think when you start getting successful, people assume that you’re going to be different, so they change.

So, you’re in this weird place where you’re trying to convince someone that knows you that you’re still the same. It’s like, why do I have to do that?

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