Milan Christopher - Moniece Slaughter

Moniece Slaughter & Milan Christopher

Ray J and Princess Love recently tied to knot and have begun their happily ever after.

But, according to Moniece Slaughter and Milan Christopher they won’t “last two years.”

Milan questioned whether Ray J would remain faithful to his wife and Moniece told TMZ cameras, “I give them two years tops. Two years and a baby.”

Oh, the shade didn’t stop there.

Moniece also addresses Princess’ weight loss saying, “Princess lost a lot of weight. She looks like a fish now.”

Newlywed Princess Love Addresses Criticism Over Her 40 Pound Weight Loss – ‘I’m Happy With My Body’

See video below.



Interesting thoughts from someone who got fired and someone who couldn’t keep a man, so she opted for “fish.” No shade.

Speaking of the Norwoods…

Watch Ray J and Princess Love’s first dance and hear Brandy slay “At Last.”

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