Mendeecees Harris is still in jail serving his 8-year sentence for drug trafficking after a judge denied his request for an early release.

On Monday, the former “Love & Hip Hop” star shared a heartfelt message about being a father to his children while incarcerated.

Read Mendeecees’ message below:

I will never understand how my children still look at me like their super man. The way they smile, run and jump on me when they see me never gets old. I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my past but I did 4 things right with no doubt in my mind.

They pray for me, tell me all their school stories, still fear my discipline, yearn for my praise and still get scared at the “I’m going to tell your father threats”. Lol. How am I so lucky. I have more pictures I’ve been keeping to my self and I’ve decided to start sending them to be posted to show you…there’s no excuse not to be a father.

No matter your past mistakes, your missed birthdays or christmas’, there’s an emptiness only a daddy can fill. And every child has it. Never got to know my dad, met him 1 time before he died…didn’t know I needed him until I looked in sons and daughter’s eyes from here?

Love You Mendeecees, Aasim, Omere and Skylar.

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