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Memphitz To Car Wash Worker: ‘It’s Gonna Be Your Life Or It’s Gonna Be My Weed!’ (Video)

Memphitz - assault - robbery


More details have emerged surrounding the robbery at a Georgia car wash that resulted in an arrest warrant for Mickey “Memphitz” Wright.

Surveillance video shows the former reality TV star confronting then robbing Club Corners Carwash worker Harold Huntley. Memphitz accused Huntley of stealing weed out of his car.

Harold Huntley gave WSB-TV the scoop on the unfortunate incident.

He was getting a car wash, and when I drove his car into the tunnel, I smelled marijuana.

He comes back and is like, ‘You stole my weed, you stole my weed.’

I was like, ‘Nah, man,’ and then he pulled a gun out on me and was like, ‘It’s gonna be your life or it’s gonna be my weed.’

He was like, ‘Man just give me the phone, give me the phone. What’s it gonna be? Your life or your phone? Is it really that important?’

When Huntley tried to call the police, Memphitz snatched his phone and ran.

Felony arrest warrants have been obtained for armed robbery and aggravated assault for Memphitz Wright.

Police say the found Wright’s vehicle a couple of miles from the car wash. The stolen cellphone and a handgun were still inside.

They believe he ditched the car and someone else picked him up.

Memphitz is on the run and authorities are asking him to surrender.




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