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Mehcad Brooks is putting a condo on his wrist and he’s cashing out on “Supergirl” in the middle of season 5.

On the show, Mehcad play the role of James Olsen, Superman’s best friend and Supergirl’s ex-boyfriend.

The scoop is he’s exiting the show to focus on feature films and a potential cable show.

The good news is he’s leaving the series on good terms. The producers even hinted that he’d be welcomed back.

We love Mehcad and we’re sad to see him leave the show as as a series regular, but we’re excited for both Mehcad and James Olsen’s future.

He’ll always be a part of our Supergirl family and we look forward to James returning to National City at some point to visit his sister and his super friends.

Will you miss Mehcad Brooks on “Supergirl?”