The only thing worse than someone confusing your level of petty with their level of petty is a possessive baby father.

On Wednesday night, Meek Mill put his baby’s mother, Fahimah Raheem on blast after she liked three photos on Safaree Samuels‘ Instagram account.

Apparently, Meek assumed Fahimah was being petty by liking Safaree’s photos because of his new courtship with Nicki Minaj.

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Fahimah Raheem’s response to being put on blast (again) by her baby’s father was absolutely priceless.

Fahimah…you ARE the real MVP.

The real question is…”Why is Meek so mad about her liking another man’s photos on Instagram?” Shouldn’t he be stalking Nicki’s timeline?

Meek Mill truly played himself on this one and the truth of the matter is…many of us wouldn’t have known who Fatimah was if he wasn’t always trying to embarrass her publicly.

Nicki Minaj better be careful before she’s the next one being put on blast by Meek.

Photos: Instagram