Meek Mill Fans Takes To The Streets Of Philly To Protest His Probation

Meek Mill Fans Protest His Probation

Meek Mill took to the streets of Philly on Tuesday (July 26) to protest his “abusive” 12-year probation.

Back in 2008, the rapper, born Robert Rihmeek Williams, was arrested on gun charges and served an 18-month jail sentence before he was released on five years probation.

Earlier this year, Meek was placed on house arrest for 90-days for violating the travel restrictions of his probation. Because of the violation, an additional six years of probation was imposed on the rapper sending his fans into an outrage.

The protest organizer, Shahmar Beasley, thanked media outlets for the coverage and to encouraged the public to continue to good fight to get Meek Mill off of probation.

Thank you all so much for the coverage of our protest efforts. Much obliged to you all. Please continue to post about this so that we can get Meek off of a 12 year long, illegally run probation. Since this is happening to him it let’s you know exactly what’s happening to other Black and Brown people without his means in the Criminal Justice System in Philly EVERYDAY. That’s why we want him off probation NOW he serves as an example of egregious probation abuse that is happening to thousands of people in Philadelphia and millions of people in this country.

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