Meek Mill criminal court probation violation

Is Meek Mill Going Back To Jail?

Two days after lacing Nicki Minaj with a gorgeous diamond ring, Meek Mill is headed to criminal court in Philadelphia on Thursday for a hearing to determine if he violated his probation again with his work travel.

Via Page Six:

Page Six has exclusively learned that Mill faces a hearing over whether he’s violated probation rules because of his work travel.

A source told us, “Meek will be in criminal court for a hearing over whether or not he violated his probation due to travel restrictions for his work.” There’s a chance “he could go to jail,” the source said.

Last year, the Philly-born hip-hop star was forced to cancel a string of shows after he was sentenced to three to six months behind bars for a technical violation of probation rules. Mill was originally put on probation for five years in 2009 following a gun and drug conviction.

The rapper, whose debut album came out in 2012, said last year of being sent to the slammer: “It took me 15 years to get here, and this will be extremely damaging to my life.”

He was released in December 2014.

In an emotional post on his Instagram page, Meek said, “I’m fighting for my life and my freedom.”

A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

I’m actually fighting for my life and freedom … Something I’ve been going thru from a case I caught at 19 years old and been on probation since… I am 28 now … It’s funny to see people on the internet laughing and joking about me and my family going thru these things, it’s just shows me where the world is at nowadays! But if you are for me prayers up and wish me the best! Thank you to everybody that ever supported and I will continue to b great! If this is my last post know I will continue to remain strong and grow to b a better man and set a example for every minority with a dream that anything is possible! Trials and tribulations and chances makes chances & never lose faith! No matter how things go. PRAYERS UP!! ????????

Hopefully, things work out in his favor. He’s already had a pretty challenging year with things coming at him back 2 back.


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