Meek Mill dropped quite a few gems during his exclusive interview with Taxstone especially when the convo turned to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Philly rapper questioned how his celebrity counterparts could have the audacity to say “All Lives Matter.”

Meek told Taxstone:

Right now, we gotta get our rights right. We gotta get what we need right. That’s why they’re saying ‘Black Lives Matter.’

When I see other celebrities say ‘All Lives Matter,’ I be like, ‘What you talking about? Y’all n***as got this rich?’

He went on to address the obvious double standards when it comes to the hood.

The hood is flooded with drugs, college campuses ain’t flooded with drugs? College campuses are flooded with drugs the same way the hood is.

You think they got NARCs running around pulling guns out on people and shooting them? F**k no. So why would you open your mouth and say ‘All Lives Matter? We know All Lives Matter, that was never the issue. We’re talking about us getting killed on paper and going to jail for no reason.

Watch the clip below.


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