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Matt Barnes Donates $3K To GoFundMe For Jackie Christie’s Badly Burned Grandson


Matt Barnes can be a piece of work, but he’s also a work in progress with a heart of gold.

The NBA player donated $3,000 to a GoFundMe account set up to aid Jackie Christie‘s grandson, who was badly burned at his daycare last month.

Matt Barnes

Jaxson is the 18-month-old son of the “Basketball Wives LA” star’s estranged daughter, Takari Christie Lee.

According to the GoFundMe page, Takari is facing financial hardship as she struggles to maintain her family and cover the cost of the extensive care Jaxson will require.

Jaxson is a very happy- go- lucky lil 8 month old baby who was badly burned on his head, neck, and chest while being cared for at a local daycare earlier this week. Due to the extent of his injuries he has to go at least once a week to Harborview M.C. to meet with the children’s burn unit. His mother cannot go to work and doesn’t have enough vacation time to cover the extended leave she will need to provide around the clock care for Jaxson. At this point their family needs assistance to cover the financial hardships that this horrible injury will create in the near future until any legal matters are handled. This includes things such as transportation to and from Seattle each week, some bills, groceries, etc. Any little bit counts and will be greatly appreciated by Kari and her children. If you can’t donate it’s okay, but if you can share this page that would help greatly! Thank you very much.

Also we’ll keep everyone updated on Jaxson’s progress as much as possible.

It’s no secret Jackie and Takari’s relationship is pretty much non-existent, but many (including myself) can’t understand how the reality TV star could turn her back on her daughter and grandchild in their time of need.

The drag session on Jackie Christie is underway on social media and it isn’t pretty.

Jackie offered this tweet:


She later told TMZ that she IS willing to help her daughter and grandchild.

Jackie tells TMZ Sports … Takari has cut HER off and never reached out for help in the first place. Had she called, Jackie says she would have been more than willing to fork over a check.

Jackie also says she’s given Takari a ton of money over the years and she should be more than able to cover a $3,000 bill. She feels Takari went public with the money plea to try to embarrass Jackie.


Thank you, Matt Barnes and Evelyn Lozada, who also donated $3,500.

Evelyn Lozada

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