After firing multiple shots at his estranged wife, Gloria Govan, over social media, Matt Barnes is now using the same platform to publicly apologize.

Last week, Matt blasted Gloria for being an irresponsible mother after she took this topless selfie with her sister, Laura, before their photo shoot with Lance Gross.


Gloria Govan - Laura Govan topless


Matt Barnes lashed out at the mother of his twin sons saying, “SHES a MOTHER with children who can see this DUMB sh*t…That’s what “RESPONSIBLE” I WAS TALKING ABOUT! Smh”

On Thursday, Matt took another jab at Gloria by referring to her as his “ex Queen” when he posted an photo from their Rolling Out shoot from 2002 with the caption, “#TBT Me & my ex Queen shutting down the streets of NY for this Rolling Out Mag shoot… Damn we were bad.”


Matt Barnes - Gloria Govan


When his fans began to chastise him for disrespecting Gloria…again, Matt offered her a public apology.

Let me try & kill this b4 the blogs run with it.. I made a mistake by putting “EX” in my original post.. Matter of fact I’ve been out pocket lately w/a few comments I’ve my on social media about Glo, when I’m wrong I can admit it..!

There’s no book for this, as a man its hard to see the woman you will always love & the mother of my children act out, people start attacking her & that pisses me off so instead of helping, I lash out at her, which makes it worse.. But a mans PRIDE.. Is a mothaf**ker! If you know me you know I’ve never held my tongue & that’s been a gift & course.. We both realize now…., That once we opened our lives up to reality TV life would never be the same.. Some good some bad came w/that!

With that being said the point of the pic was to show that she’s bad AF & besides my tight a$$ white pants ya boy looked good too!!! When I posted this my thoughts were, “we goin thru it, but when we were 2gether $hiiiiiiiiit fight it if you want we was one of the #BaddestCouple out there”….! Hahaaaa For all those who’ve been supportive w/prayers & positive comments, trust they don’t go unnoticed, I really do appreciate the love & support.. I’ve always prided myself on being real, because I play in the NBA makes me no different that YOU, anyone who knows me knows that’s how I’ve always been..

So my IG is really MY LIFE, my thoughts feelings & emotions, my beautiful children, my family, my friends my UPS my DOWNS.. What you see on IG is me, so if you follow me put ur seatbelt on & lets go.. If you don’t like wat I post it’s easy unfollow, I can’t sit here & say I’m NOT GONNA ACT OUT AGAIN, but that’s a lie & I’m real enough to admit that.. I care about my job, I’m blessed to have gotten 12yrs in this game & hopefully a few more, but make no mistake I’ll die or kill for Gloria Isaiah & Carter, that’s my family & NO MATTER WHAT WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAMILY!! #RUNTELLDAT #BLOGTHAT Hv a good one

Gloria Govan opted not to address Matt’s apology. At least, not publicly.

Hopefully, they will be able to work things out. If not, I hope that they keep the best interest of these adorable fellas in mind at all times.


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