Mathew Knowles Speaks Out About Beyonce’s Alleged Lawsuit Against Him

Mathew Knowles says a new report claiming Beyonce is suing him for ownership of the Destiny’s Child brand is “categorically untrue.”

Last week, In Touch Weekly reported the Queen Bey was “ready to take action” against her father in court to gain ownership of her own band.

“She feels he basically stole the group and the [trademark] on Destiny’s Child,” the source explains of the band, which was originally called Girl’s Tyme — until Mathew took over as their manager and renamed them.

Mathew, 63, is believed to own at least 25 percent of the Destiny’s Child brand, although the source tells the mag it’s closer to 100 percent because he set up certain contract terms that favor his own stake in Kelly [Rowland], 34, Michelle [Williams], 35, and Beyoncé’s careers.

“Mathew wants a Destiny’s Child reunion so he can see another payday,” says the source. “Up until this point, they have let him get away with it, but they want to perform Destiny’s Child music and make their fans happy — without Mathew making a profit.

“Beyoncé never wanted to sue him, but he’s given her no choice. He won’t allow them to use their own name — unless he gets paid.”

Mathew’s bracing himself for a massive lawsuit,” says the source. “Expect 2016 to be the year that Beyoncé takes control of her own destiny and watches the man who took advantage of her go down in flames.”

In a statement to “Entertainment Tonight,” Mathew slammed the report and stated “these dangerous rumors defame my family name” and added, “They have no validity and hold no merit.”

There are many other important topics needing America’s attention. No one needs more unnecessary negativity. Media like this needs to get on higher ground. I, for one, am focusing on lectures and seminars that help people achieve something positive and achieve better lives.

It’s very unfortunate that given his track history, people are inclined to believe these false reports.


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