Master P will take on the financial responsibility of the funeral costs for a 13-year-old killed in a police crash.

Ki’Anthony Tyus was killed in Louisville on December 22 when the Lexus SUV he was a passenger in crashed into a utility pole during a police chase.

The SUV had been reported stolen.

Master P met Ki’Anthony in 2015 after he was shot in the leg by a stray bullet while playing basketball. After the shooting, Ki’Anthony became an anti-violence activist.

The mogul took to social media to speak out about his little soldier’s death:

I know I’m not God and I can’t save the world. I realized a lot of these adults are not going to listen. The real reason I leave my mansion to keep coming back to the hood is to educate and try to save the next generation.

Maybe a lot of us didn’t get what we wanted for Christmas but we should be thankful we are alive. My 13-year-old lil soldier didn’t make it. He got shot 2 years ago and got Killed 2 days ago.

We need to stop this black on black crime. Rip Ki’Anthony Tyus. #weallwegot Just know that every decision comes with consequences and no one is too young to die. My prayers go out to his family ?? Could’ve been the next Lebron James.

See Master P’s original post below.



Kudos to Master P for covering Ki’Anthony’s funeral expenses.

My condolences to the young man’s family.

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