Master P says, “The truth hurts!”

A day after Master P was caught on video sharing his thoughts on Lamar Odom and calling out his former teammate, Kobe Bryant, for being phony, the music mogul has released a statement clarifying his remarks after he says people “blew it out of proportion.”

[**UPDATED** Master P Weighs In On Lamar Odom & Calls Out Kobe Bryant For Being Phony – Kobe Responds!]

In a lengthy message posted on his Facebook page, Master P said “the truth hurts.”

He also admitted after a 15 year friendship with Lamar, he too, stopped dealing with the fallen NBA star due to his addiction. But, added that he didn’t run up to the hospital to visit him because he’s not looking for publicity.

Master P said the only reason why he shared his thoughts on Lamar’s situation publicly is because he was asked. He also made it very clear that he doesn’t have any hard feelings against Kobe and he’s more than willing to sit down with the LA Lakers star and Khloe Kardashian to share some of them some of the things Lamar expressed to him in private.

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