Master P responds to accusations that he evicted Sonya Miller from her home.

The bitter battle between Master P and Sonya Miller, continues as he responds to accusations that he evicted her out of their home.

Sonya has aired Master P out to TMZ again. This time she says the Hip Hop mogul had security guards block her from entering the Calabasas gated community where she resides with her seven children.

She also claims he has turned off her cellphone, the cable, he has filed court documents threatening to stop paying the rent, and he hasn’t paid her any spousal support while they sort out their messy divorce.

According to Sonya, P told her he was going to have her SUV repossessed, which will aggravate her hernia and vertigo if she has to walk around in the scorching sun with her youngins.

Welp, Percy Miller is fresh out of Kleenex for Sonya’s tears.

The No Limit head honcho said he’s “fed up with the BS!”

In a newly released statement, Master P read Sonya Miller like Carfax report and blasted her for being selfish, ungrateful and irresponsible, and a poor parent.

As for the eviction, Master P says Sonya can stay in the home, but he refuses to allow her to lay up with her boyfriend, party with her friends, and have them spending the night in the home his kids live in.

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