In a recent interview, Percy gave the scoop on what you can expect from his new show.

We’re about to make it cool to watch good, positive, family TV.

The Kardashians are entertaining, but what we’re doing is positive entertainment, which is supposed to not be cool. With my family, we’re going to make it cool, because we’ve been cool our whole lives.

Whatever the stereotype of what a hip-hop family looks like, we’ll show them what it do look like.

My music is hard and street, but me, I’m more of a laid-back guy. The music is like my job, but when my job is over, I come home and am a dad to my kids, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Kindergarten Cop.’

Master P’s Family Empire” is set to premiere on November 28 on Reelz.

Do you plan to watch?

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