Master P - Chris Brown


Master P offered Chris Brown some advice via social media on Saturday night.

The self-proclaimed “Ice Cream Man” told the troubled singer to get him a “No Man.”

All the money you got…man, pay for you a ‘No Man’ and get rid of some of these ‘Yes Men.’

If I was your big homie, I would have brought the same old faithful broad to you every time. Just change the wig, man.

You don’t need all them new people around you. You know what I’m saying?

I don’t care if you an athlete or entertainer – you gone spend more money on lawyer fees. Get you a real OG. Somebody that’s about something real and can tell you something and teach you something and be able to tell you ‘No’ sometime.

Sometime you got to be able to say ‘No’ to your homies! You making the money. You gotta keep you safe. You gotta keep you right! That’s what real ones do!

Man, it’s gone cost you more in lawyers fees. Get rid of some of them trashy broads. Man, that broad remind me of the one Kobe had in Colorado! Trash man!

Watch below.



Master P makes a valid point, but he ain’t have to bring up Kobe’s Carfax report! SMH

Your thoughts?