Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha is setting the record straight after many assumed her shady tweet about someone suffering a miscarriage was aimed at Remy Ma.

On Monday night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop” Remy Ma and Papoose revealed they suffered a miscarriage. The news broke our hearts.

Three days later, Masika tweeted, “B**ches love a ‘miscarriage'” and folks were like….


Masika Kalysha didn’t tarry in setting the record straight (she don’t want those Remy Ma problems). Then, people assumed she was firing shots at Fetty Wap‘s sex tape co-star, Alexis Skyy.

In a lengthy post on her IG page, Masika claimed her “miscarriage” tweet wasn’t about anyone in particular.

Peep all of the screenshots below.

Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha

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I’m not sure how much I believe this explanation, but I’m glad she wasn’t speaking on Remy Ma’s loss. Because that definitely wouldn’t have ended well for Masika.

Your thoughts?