Masika Kalysha Releases 'Black Cinderella' Single

Masika Kalysha is making the song cry with “Black Cinderella,” her new single inspired by the drama with her baby’s father, Fetty Wap.

The “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star said, “Me and my producers came up with the song ’Black Cinderella’ because that’s pretty much how I felt at the time. I’m sitting at home while Willie’s lying on me and I’m just trying to have a peaceful pregnancy. I really debated putting this record out because right now Willie and I are actually in a good space.”

Masika and Fetty Wap welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Khari Barbie, in March.


Masika Kalysha - Fetty Wap


Listen to a snippet of “Black Cinderella” below.


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