Masika Kalysha expecting baby girl with Fetty Wap
Photo: Kin Cordell

Masika Kalysha Hospitalized After Announcing She’s Expecting A Baby Girl

Former “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha is having a baby girl with rapper Fetty Wap.

In an exclusive interview with US Weekly, the 30-year-old first-time mom revealed her baby is due to arrive on April 8 and the “Trap Queen” rapper refuses to take a paternity test. “I tried to demand him taking a paternity test. He doesn’t want to take one. I asked him seven times, ‘Will you just volunteer and do it?’ He refuses,” she shared.

The 24-year-old rapper, who is already dad to son Aydin, 4, and daughter Zaviera, 9 months, also says he had no plans on being involved with Masika’s baby.

Via US Weekly:

Things took a very different turn when Kalysha went to get her breast implants removed and found out she was pregnant. She says that when she broke the news to Fetty, he told her, “‘Well, I don’t really want to have another kid right now,’” she says. Later in their same conversation, Kalysha tells Us, “He’s like, ‘Well, if you have this kid, I’m not going to help you out with anything. I’m not gonna be there. You’re own your own, so it’s up to you.”

Despite her heartache, Kalysha is determined to empower other women with her own story. “I know there’s tons of women, tons of girls going through something like this,” she says. “So maybe something I say or something I do with a smile on my face or a tweet that I post, maybe that can help another girl.”

To that end, she has begun filming an upcoming reality show called Pregnant in Pumps. “This is not a show about baby mamas, about pregnant and being famous, no,” she explains. “This is a show about women just like me who are faced in a situation and you don’t let that situation beat you up. It’s about continuing to work, continuing to stay positive. … I just want people to see this journey and be inspired by me in some way.”

In a post on her Instagram page, Masika Kalysha posted a video announcing she’s been hospitalized overnight after becoming ill.

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