The Real Housekids of Atlanta

“The Real Housekids of Atlanta”

Mashable’s new miniseries, “The Real Housekids of Atlanta,” has some folks cracking up and others feeling some type of way.

The first two episodes of the miniseries features five African-American girls recreating unforgettable scenes from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” – Kenya Moore‘s “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” and NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey‘s “Friendship Contract.”

While some found the mini versions of the reality TV stars funny and entertaining (I can’t with Lil NeNe) some felt having the little girls emulate the antics of the women on the show is sending the wrong message.

One commenter on Facebook wrote, “It’s bad enough that grown women act like that. Don’t teach that to young children. How could they possibly think that this is ok. Not Funny!!!!”

Another wrote, “Lighten up people. It’s a joke. I’d love to see the New Jersey mini housewives LOL”

Watch the clips on page 2 and let me know what you think!