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Mase Reads Cam’ron For Filth On ‘The Oracle’ Diss Track – Listen Now!

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Mase Releases ‘The Oracle’ Cam’ron Diss

Yikes! The good Passa Mase Betha is out for blood in his newly released diss track, “The Oracle,” where he reads his former BFF Cam’ron for filth.

Mase unloaded 20 years of BS onto the 4-minute track where he left no stone unturned as he told the world “what really happened” between him and Cam.

It was these bars that truly said it all for me:

Damn Cam, I thought more of you
But when I think about it, thats really all you do
You really not that fly,
You really not that guy,
You really not that wise,
I’m really not surprise
All pride aside you try to pay Lodi mom’s to side with your lies
Now i’m like f–k it Drago “if he dies he dies”
Ain’t no unity
Ain’t no Children of the Corn
Ain’t no you and me
Any ni–a ever got Diplomatic Immunity was ni–as who ratted
Or wanna snitch on their community
And thats word to my ni–a Big L,
To my ni–a f–king Trell and to that ni–a Bigavel
To ni–a Loon on all the ni–a in the cell hope you hold ya head
I hope y’all ni–as doing well
This Ma$e ni–a I invented the curve
I’m the name on the ribbon on the bird
I’m done rapping with you
You’ll always be my b–ch
You got my f–king name tatted on you

Listen below.

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