Credit: Trae Patton/Warner Bros. Television

Lisa Vidal opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis during a recent visit to “The Real.”

The “Being Mary Jane” star revealed an ultrasound detected the cancer that her mammogram missed.

Lisa stressed the importance of early detection and is also advocating for women to get ultrasounds as opposed to mammograms.

My diagnosis was invasive ductal carcinoma. And here’s the thing. It’s so crazy because… my mammogram showed nothing.

So, the reason I really wanted to talk about this. Not only to share the experience, but to also say early diagnosis is so crucial. And mammograms don’t always find it. Nothing against mammograms, but the ultra sound is what kinda saved my life. Because… um they found it so early and mammograms like a snowstorm and you’re trying to find the snowflake. And you don’t see it until it’s much worse, and so that why I really kind of want to advocate for women to get ultra sounds and early detection and so that was my diagnosis and the good thing was that it was treatable.

Watch the clip below.



See Lisa’s full interview on “The Real” on November 1. Check your local listings.