Mary J. Blige Joins Cast Of Paramount Players’ LAPD Thriller ‘Body Cam’

Mary J. Blige Joins Cast Of Paramount Players' LAPD Thriller 'Body Cam'

I so love how Mary J. Blige is expanding her acting resumé!

The two-time Oscar nominated actress and Grammy Award-winning singer has signed on  for Paramount Players’ forthcoming LAPD thriller titled, Body Cam.

According to Deadline, the film is about several LAPD police officers who are haunted by a malevolent spirit that is tied to the murder of a black youth at the hands of two white cops.

All of them are caught on a body cam video that was destroyed in a cover up.

Nic McCarthy and John Ridley rewrote Richmon Riedel’s spec script for Body Cam.

Malik Vitthal is set to direct with Matt Kaplan producing the project.

Congrats to MJB on another gig!

Photos: Mary J’s IG

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