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Marsha Ambrosius Spills Tea On Floetry

Grab your tea cups and crumpets, ICC Friends. Marsha Ambrosius stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday and didn’t hold back as she discussed the demise of Floetry.

Marsha revealed she hasn’t spoken to Natalie Stewart since their reunion tour ended.


She went on to detail a history of betrayal, pettiness, abuse, and disrespect.

As for where Floetry stands today, Marsha Ambrosius told the morning show:

We did two years – back to back of a reunion.

On my end, it was absolutely to reconcile, forgive, bury the hatchet and clean slate everything with anticipation to possibly move on to further things.

The first year – that definitely didn’t work out.

In good faith, I attempted another time, which was last year and that definitely didn’t work out again.

The truth is growing apart is real and it just happens. So, we’ll never be good. We’ll never be cool.

She’ll never just be there for me like a friend should be.

Watch the tea party below.


Now, on to Marsha’s adorable baby girl…

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