MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP: Memphitz Explodes On Toya Wright – ‘Stay In Your Lane!’

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Memphitz Explodes On Toya Wright

Memphitz Explodes On Toya Wright

Here’s some insight into why Toya filed for divorce…

Memphitz explodes on Toya Wright in a newly released sneak peek of “Marriage Boot Camp.”

In the clip, Brittish Williams is trying to play counselor to the couple to find out what caused the disconnect in their marriage.

According to Memphitz, he wholeheartedly supported his wife’s career as his faded to black.

He told Toya she should have stayed in her lane. When she asked for clarity – Memphitz exploded!

Watch the SMH moment below.



Umm, he clearly needs Jesus, a hug, and anger management.

Memphitz resents Toya Wright and it shows.

Watch the full episode tonight at 9pm on WE tv.

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