It’s LGBT Pride Month and Marlon Wayans took to social media to send Happy Pride wishes to his daughter, Amai Wayans.

The comedian and actor wrote:

Happy pride ? to my pride and joy. I wouldn’t change one effing thing about you. Love you to the moon around the sun through the galaxies and back again.

See his original post:

Marlon Wayans, who is super supportive and doting father, has always been vocal about his daughter’s sexuality in his stand-up and online posts.

On Amai’s 19th birthday he wrote:

Happy birthday to my pride, my heart, my love, my soul, my mini me, my inspiration, my moral compass, my sweet loving, romantic, kind hearted, intelligent, talented, soulful, conscious, angelic, beautiful daughter. I have loved you before you were even here. I rubbed you in your mommy’s belly, i read to you, i talked to you, i kissed you, i cuddled you, i loved you. I remember your head crowned all i saw was a full head of black curly hair and i began to cry like a baby. May 24, 2000, i pulled you from your mother’s womb, i held you in my arms and my world changed.

My purpose shifted. I no longer lived for me… i lived for you, for my family, for us. You gave me purpose. You made me tender, you made me communicate, you made me humble, you made me attentive, you made me listen, you made me grow up. Your mere presence turned an arrogant boy into a humble man. You instantly shattered my hardcore and your mommy helped melt it away. Ask your mom you and that boy made me better. Without trying you did. You’re heaven sent. An amazing child. A kind human. A soul any and every parent would be proud to have as a daughter. You a strong minded and have always been. I tried to make you a righty you said “no n***a LEFT”.

I tried to steer you straight you said “no n***a gay”. I tried demand things to be my way and you said “why”? You stood up to optimal authority, you questioned it, you challenged it and you defeated it. Thank you for that. Thank you for making me accountable for my actions. Thank u for sticking up for your brother. Once again you grew me. You changed my perspective. You made me love unconditionally and most of all you accept and love me unconditionally for all my flaws.

When i am hurting for some reason you are usually present to tap them long soft fingers on my back and “it’s okay Dad”. I feel so strong to be able to be vulnerable in the presence of strong women who uplift me. Thank u for being one of those women. I can’t be no more proud of you than i already am. Never change. Just keep evolving. And know that wherever u are somebody loves u to the moon and back 4 2 4evers X infinity + 1 day… dad

Happy Pride to Amai and all of my LGBT ICC Friends! ?

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