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Mr. Cooper ain’t about that bull…

Mark Curry was a recent guest on “The Mike & Donny Show” on FOX Soul and he wasn’t mincing words when asked about Steve Harvey.

The comedian and “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” star blasted Steve for allegedly stealing his jokes.

Mark said:

Steve stole my material on his show so I had a beef on that…the bulls**t talk show he had.

He did all of my Halloween material one Halloween. I’m watching – somebody called me and said, ‘Man, homeboy doing your material.’

He did my whole Halloween run. And I know he didn’t think of it. This is true stuff that really happened to me.

See, my thing is – you ain’t have to do that homeboy! Motherf**ker you made enough money, b**ch ass.

You made enough money, you did enough. Why you on my material? What’s that about?

Watch below as Mark Curry spills tea.

Tell em why you mad, Mark!

Welp, he better keep an eye out for any more of his material because Steve Harvey is bringing his talk show back to Facebook Watch.

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