Mariah Carey - Infinity lyric video


Mariah Carey makes the song cry with “Infinity.”

Mariah Carey has a few things to get off of her chest about Nick Cannon and she’s using her latest single, “Infinity,” to do it.

The Queen of the Lambily is firing shots at her estranged husband, who filed for divorce in January, as she sang:

Why you mad

Talking bout you mad

Could it be that you just lost the best you ever had

That’s yo bag…Yep that’s too bad

Show is over…you ain’t gotta act

Name hold weight like kilos

Boy, you actin so corny like fritos

Wouldn’t have none of that without me though

Ain’t none of my business…that’s tea though

While I’m here for a good post break-up song, this one falls severely short.

The track goes…but, these lyrics are embarrassing. “Kilos” and “fritos?” Adios Felicia!

Nick Cannon is completely unbothered by Mimi’s attempts to shade him in her new single.

In fact, he’s so unbothered that he actually helped promote the song via Instagram.


@MariahCarey tonight at midnight on itunes #Infinity

A photo posted by Nick Cannon (@nickcannon) on

Mariah Carey released a pretty lyric video to accompany “Infinity.”

Y’all go check that out while I bag these fritos like kilos!



Your thoughts?


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