Man Who Help Dump Lyric McHenry's Body Indicted By Bronx Grand Jury

The man who helped dump the body of pregnant reality star Lyric McHenry has been indicted by a Bronx grand jury and is facing up to eight years in prison.

29-year-old Alexis Mejia-Ramirez pleaded not guilty to charges of concealment of a human corpse and tampering with physical evidence after he allegedly left Lyric’s body on a desolate sidewalk in Highbridge on August 14.

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Lyric McHenry’s body was discovered around 5 a.m., the night after she was out celebrating her birthday at the Dream Downtown hotel in Chelsea. She was wearing a pajama top and underwear and there was a small bag of cocaine near her.

According to detectives, the 26-year-old overdosed on a toxic mix of cocaine, alcohol, and heroin. She was 20 weeks pregnant.

Two other men are still being sought in connection to Lyric’s death.

Alexis Mejia-Ramirez faces up to eight years in jail, but more than likely will receive less time because it is his first offense.

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