Dominique Pittman - Evalyce Santiago

Man Murders Girlfriend’s Niece

A 27-year-old man has been charged with murder after he killed his girlfriend’s 16-year-old niece because she threatened to tell her aunt they had sex.

Via NY Daily News:

Dominique Pittman has been charged with murder after police found Evalyce Santiago dead in a car crash in Waterbury, Connecticut. NBC Connecticutreported.

Pittman initially told police that he was driving Santiago to pick up her boyfriend, when an argument ensued. He said he heard gunshots ring out, saw Santiago slumped over, and watched the boyfriend run away from the vehicle.

However investigators detected inconsistencies in his story. He later admitted to being alone with Santiago, according to the arrest warrant application, NBC Connecticut reported.

Pittman then told police that Santiago began cutting store scan cards from his key chain with a knife. She grabbed a gun from the car’s console, Pittman told police, according to the report.

As they were fighting over the gun, it went off, and Pittman, who was driving, crashed the car, Pittman said.

When officers suggested that Santiago might be pregnant, he admitted to having a sexual relationship with her up until November, police paperwork showed, according to the report.

Pittman then said that the pair had been FaceTiming when Santiago threatened to reveal their sexual relationship to his girlfriend.

Santiago’s family was unaware of her relationship with Pittman.

Pittman has several children with Santiago’s aunt, Deputy Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo told the Daily News.

What a tragedy.