Man Kills Wife On Cruise

Laugh now…die later.

A Utah man allegedly killed his wife on an Alaskan cruise ship because she wouldn’t stop laughing at him.

Via CNN:

Kenneth Ray Manzanares, 39, was charged Thursday in the killing of his wife Kristy Manzanares while aboard the Emerald Princess cruise ship.
Security and medical personnel responded to an incident Tuesday in the couple’s cabin, according to the criminal complaint.

When they arrived, they found the wife with a severe head wound and the husband’s hands covered in blood, the complaint states.

A witness saw Manzanares drag his wife’s body toward the balcony of the ship, then bring her back into their cabin shortly after, according to the FBI.

“She would not stop laughing at me,” Manzanares told the witness when asked what happened to his wife,according to the FBI. It did not identify the witness.

While investigators searched him, Manzanares said “my life is over,” according to the FBI.
Manzanares is being detained without bail. His hearing is set for August 10.