Jamile Baskerville Jr - Zacharay Tricoche

Man Charged With Murder After Fatally Punching Toddler

Heartbreaking news out of Pennsauken, New Jersey…

Zachary Tricoche has been charged with murder after an argument with his girlfriend over food resulted in him fatally punching her 2-year-old son.

Jamil Baskerville Jr. suffered internal bleeding and died at Cooper University Hospital on Saturday after Tricoche punched him in his chest twice.

Via Philly.com:

Jamil Baskerville Jr. was sitting on a bed crying when his mother’s boyfriend punched him in the chest Saturday night, causing Jamil to fall backward and his head to hit the wall, authorities said.

When Jamil got up, Zachary Tricoche punched him again, prosecutors said. This time, Jamil did not get up.

His mother called 911 from their Pennsauken home. She told dispatchers that her son wasn’t breathing, and that his chest had bruises, prosecutors said. He had also vomited before losing consciousness.

Jamil, 2 years and 8 months old, and weighing just 29 pounds, was rushed to Cooper University Hospital, where he died less than an hour later.

On Tuesday, a Superior Court judge in Camden ordered Tricoche, who has been charged with murder, held on $1 million bail after prosecutors described how he allegedly ended Jamil’s short life.

Camden County Assistant Prosecutor Christine Shah, who identified Jamil by his initials, “JB,” said in court that the boy died from a devastating blow to his liver.

“Essentially, JB bled to death internally,” Shah said, adding that Tricoche had told the boy to put his hands up as if in a boxing stance.

Shah said Jamil had started crying after Tricoche pushed his mother during an argument about food she had bought. Tricoche, 24, did not like any of it, Shah said.

Jamil’s grandfather, Gerome DeShields, wants the death penalty reinstated for Tricoche. 

“He should be put to sleep, because he killed my grandson,” DeShields said. He added, “He was 2 years old. There should be no reason that you want to hit him.”

My prayers to JB’s family.