One…two…meet me outside…meet me outside…

A 21-year-old man claims DMX and his crew robbed him at gunpoint at a Newark, New Jersey gas station on Easter Sunday.

According to Newark Police spokesman Ronald Glover, the young man recognized DMX at the gas station a little after midnight and began talking to him about music. (Dame Dash said real men aren’t Chatty Pattys.)

During their convo, one of DMX‘s boys pulled a gun and demanded the man’s money. When the man pulled a wad of cash totaling $3,200 out of his pocket, DMX alleged snatched it, and then hopped into one of four Cadillac Escalades and they all fled the scene.

The man claims he followed the caravan close enough to grab the license plate off of one of the vehicles.

No one has been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

I’ll keep you posted!

Sidebar: Who walks around with $3,200 in CASH in their pocket at midnight in Newark, New Jersey? Don’t worry…I’ll wait.