Man Arrested For Spanking A Stranger's Child In The Supermarket
Coweta County Jail


A man was arrested at a Kroger supermarket in Georgia after he took it upon himself to spank a stranger’s child in the middle of the store.

Logan Morris’ 2-year-old son was in the store cutting up because he wanted some candy and out of nowhere, 62-year-old Juan Martinez came up and spanked the child three times on his bottom.

Juan then told the father, “That’s how they take care of this in Mexico.”

The dad told WSB-TV, “I was shocked. I was astonished.” He said his son wasn’t hurt, but he was completely confused.

“He just kind of looked at me with his mouth open, just astonished that some random stranger just popped him on the rear end,” Morris added.

Police say Martinez was drunk at the time of the incident and was arrested and held without bond for violating his parole.

Records show Juan is a habitual linestepper who has been booked over 50 times in the past 10 years…mostly for public drunkenness.

I wish a muh…. would spank my child all willy nilly!