Man Arrested For Urinating On 5-Year-Old Black Girl & Calling Her The N-Word
David Allen Dean

A Michigan man has been arrested and charged with felony sex offense after he urinated on a 5-year-old little black girl and called her a racial slur.

The girl was playing Hide-and-Seek with friends when 60-year-old David Allen Dean snuck up behind her, exposed himself and urinated on her.

According to the child, Dean began calling her “stupid” and the N-word.

Completely soaked in urine from head to toe, the little girl ran to her neighbor Katrena Rapier’s house for help.

Katrina told the news outlet:

I really can’t understand like why, like why? We see him every day, every day.

That’s like the worst, lowest thing you can do. She’s a five-year-old, just a child period. It just makes me angry.

She’s basically a baby. She didn’t want to come out of the house after that she was just afraid.

David Allen Dean is a registered sex offender who lives on the same street at Katrena Rapier and the little girl he assaulted.

He was convicted of criminal sexual assault against a child under the age of 13 in 1997, and has a long criminal history which includes two counts of indecent exposure in 1994 and attempted criminal sexual assault in 1981.

He is currently behind bars.




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