Malcolm-Jamal Warner loves every moment of fatherhood, but he admits it can sometimes be frustrating while tending to his 14-month-old daughter.

The beloved “Cosby Show” star, who is now a very grown 47-year-old man, has the internet buzzing with his latest Daddy Chronicle featuring him dancing pantless with his baby girl because she was being whiney.

Malcolm-Jamal wrote:

Our living room is no stranger to mommy-daddy-daughter dance parties. Top picks are Itsy Bitsy Spider by Go Fish (Party Like A Preschooler, that joint goes hard) and Mi Gente by @jbalvin (gotta feed that boricua blood). We just woke up from a nap and for some reason, I was intent on cleaning up the kitchen from a messy lunch, but my daughter wouldn’t let me.

She wanted to be held in a low key whiney 14-month-old way. For a brief moment, I felt myself getting low key frustrated. But then I stopped what I was doing bc she didn’t care about a messy kitchen. All she wanted was for her daddy to hold her. Something that simply makes my daughter happy. Something THAT simple.

And it was a moment I didn’t want to take for granted. We told Alexa to shuffle songs by @thejacksons and we had our own impromptu kitchen dance party (heavily inspired by @wyanna and her kitchen dancing-I ? you, mama ?)!

Personally, I don’t give a flying f*ck if Kiki loves me. I know my daughter and my Queen do. That’s ALL that matters. #lovedbabiesarehappybabies #happymoments #happymommy #happydaddy #ProudDadGang #gratitudegang #dancepants #TheJacksons #shakeyabodydowntotheground #makeblackfamiliesgreatagain

Watch the video below that has caused quite a bit of chatter.

I love Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s energy and the love and dedication he has to his family!

Dance away!

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