Hazel E - Katt Williams


Hazel E gushes about her relationship with Katt Williams.

Former “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Hazel E stopped by Power 106 to chat with Yesi Ortiz about her departure from the show, her relationship with Katt Williams, and more.

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The reality TV star and aspiring rapper has been dating the legendary comedian for almost a year.

For the first time, Hazel E shared how she and Katt began dating and gushed about her man saying, “He makes me feel like a queen and I respect him as the king that he is.”

I am happy. I’m thankful. Going from what I went through for someone who wanted to show me like, ‘You’re so much better than that, baby girl.’

Even his history is just due to he won’t sell his soul either. You can’t always put out the good things of him donating $5,000 to cancer patients at the children’s hospital. Those things would be boring. You know what I’m saying? So, you gotta show Katt wilding out and getting it, but if you know him…it’s to know that he’s a genius and he’s very nice and humble.

He watched ‘Love & Hip Hop’ and there was a scene – I think it was me and Teairra (Mari) moving out and this is so exclusive…he’s going to kill me.

He said, ‘All she needs is a place to live? Oh, I can provide all of that and more for her.’

After that, we had a mutual friend and he wanted to meet. It was a date that never ended…and it’s almost our year anniversary.

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