Here’s the scoop via the police report dated 11/6/2015:

Saks Fifth Avenue Asset Protection was notified by the General Office of a Charge back on a Customers Account ( Bianca Fairchild). The Customer Stated there was a charge on her account that she did not authorize. After Further investigation, Associate Armani Harper rang a sale for the client Bianca Fairchild totaling $6,151.68. (Charge actually occurred on 6/3/2015 at 1613 hours. During the interview process September 4, 2015, Accused Harper stated on August 19th A client called into Saks Fifth Avenue to order a handbag (called a phone send) valued at $5972.40. Saks Asset Protection team advised the accused the bag was being purchased on a fraudulent credit card; and to return the bag back to the stockroom. Be advised Video Surveillance was hidden inside the stock room (Incident captured on video surveillance). Accused placed the bag on another shelve.8/30/2015 at approximately 1300 hours, another employee Micaela Binlon took the handbag and placed two Chanel wallet averaged $600 each inside the handbag. Accused Harper advised Ms. Micaela Binlon sold the wallet and handbag valued at over $7,500.00 to an unknown male subject; who gave Ms Michaela Binlon $2,400 in cash. Accused Harper advised they split the cash and received $1200 each. On the same date August 30, 2015 a female by the name of Karen Lynn King entered the store and presented Accused Armani Harper with a d.o.b Social, and name Diane Wodey. Be advised Karen Lynn King and Accused Harper purchased $4,946.52 in merchandise. Accused split the items with Karen Lynn King. Ms. Diane Wodey was contact back Saks Asset Protection and confirmed the victim Diane Wodey doesn’t have a Saks Account. (Incident captured on Video Surveillance). Accused admitted he knowingly rang sales that were being paid for with fraudulent credit cards and receive kickbacks. On 10/06/2015, an associate from Chanel handbag was trying to locate a Chanel mini cross body bag valued at $2,700.00. When she could not locate the bag she started asking her co-workers if anyone had seen the bag in question. Another stated that she recalls Accused Armani Harper sold the bag to one of his clients. Asset Protection Manager Chad Harris ran a report to see when the bag was sold, and ran the report for 8 months and there wasn’t any sales of the bag in question. Checked the system and it is showing that SAKS own the bag, however the bag could not be located. Asset Protection Assistant Manager Quintin Alvarez did advise he could pick Accused Karen Lynn King from a 6 person photo lineup. Accused Binlon has not returned to work due to medical leave but it due to return November 2, 2015. Saks Asset Protection did advise warrants would possibly be secured on Accused Binlon through Fulton County Magistrate court. I was unsuccessful in locating an original photo array of Accused King. (Jane Doe) Accused Harper was charged with Financial Transaction Card Fraud, Identity Fraud (2 Counts), Computer Forgery, Theft by Taking. Arrest Warrants secured: EW-0157245-EW0157249. Nothing further to report.

KK, who has appeared on “America’s Most Wanted,” is no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law.

Watch below as she tells her version of the truth.


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