Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - Karlie Redd daughter Jasmine

Karlie Redd introduces her daughter Jasmine.

For years two questions have plagued “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Karlie Redd:

1. What’s her real age?

2. Where is her daughter?

Welp, we now have the answer to one question and a possible answer on the other.


Karlie Redd daughter Jasmine


In an exclusive “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” clip, we’re introduced to Karlie Redd’s beautiful daughter, Jasmine, who returned home from school to drop a bomb on her mom.

Jasmine is ready to drop out of school to pursue her career (like her mom), but Karlie Redd isn’t trying to hear it.

Then, Karlie shifts the convo to her new boo Lyfe Jennings and informs Jasmine she wants to have another baby…specifically a baby boy.

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