Apparently, “Marriage Boot Camp” didn’t work for Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon.

The overseas baller took to Instagram early Thursday morning to announce he doesn’t “f*ck with Brittish” after the former “Basketball Wives LA” star was spotted having dinner with Soulja Boy.



The caption read, “Baby girl will do anything for the fame ….. I got the shit will take u 2 the top ?????? WATCH”

Oh, but the shenanigans didn’t end there….

Lorenzo also held an IG flash sale of Brittish’s purses.


Hopefully, Brittish enjoyed her meal…



The irony in all of this is Lorenzo has a history of cheating, but now he’s having an online meltdown when she pulls a “him” on him.

She could have picked someone better than Soulja Boy, but I guess she was following the money trail.

Your thoughts?