Ceaser Responds To Ohsh-t & Drags Melody

After Ceaser and Ohsh-t got to twirling on the most recent episode of “Black Ink Crew,” both men took to social media to let everyone know how they really feel about each other.

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After Ohsh-t said what he said (NeNe voice), Ceaser took to Instagram to reply:

Damn it’s crazy how you talking that I never HELPED YOU SH-T…but its cool I guess your b–ch got you in your feelings and honestly you CHOICES LEAD YOU DOWN THE PATH YOU ON.. you are a selfish human being because if it wasn’t for me helping you, you would have killed yourself by now but you would down the man that helped you then system you signed yourself up for. JUST LIKE AN ADDICT BLAME EVERYONE ELSE FOR YOUR LIFE MISTAKES..

I been by your side when you was right and when you was wrong but now I realize you are a COWARD. All the mistakes you made were on YOU AND THE CAMERAS WERE JUST THEIR TO CAPTURE IT D–KHEAD. I wouldn’t even play myself by saying all the thing I have done for you or all the money you owe me because I am a better person than that.

Why don’t you tell every how you don’t see your own child’s because YOU DISOWNED THEM OVER THAT BUMASS B–CH…F–K YOU AND ANYONE THAT WANTS TO AGREE WITH YOU?

Ceaser wasn’t done. He had a message for Melody too!

Since this coward @ohshitsad wants to erase my comment on his recent post. Let me post my reply because this n—a acting like a WHOLE B–CH OUT HERE !!! ? ….. oh yeah f–k you too @melodytattoos , i see your ungrateful ass applauding this n—a’s bullsh-t.

This is the second fake sh-t you did to me this week but it’s cool i don’t want to be around your stink ass anyway, ALWAYS SMELLING LIKE SPOILED COTTAGE CHEESE AND PICKLES ??? #getthesoap

Spoiled cottage cheese and pickles?! Yikes!

Somebody check on sis….


Your thoughts on the “Black Ink” madness?

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