Tyrese makes amends with ex-wife

Tyrese & His Ex-Wife Make Amends

After seven years of bickering and nasty custody battles, Tyrese and his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, have finally made amends for the sake of their beautiful daughter.

The Fast 8 actor took to social media to share his joy and testimony of God finally answering his prayer for peace.

Family dinner – This is a space that I’ve prayed for – for 7 years if WE could make peace on behalf of our daughter anybody can – ( no blogs, press or media will ever report peace and family love cause peace don’t sell )…. Night on the town with #TheGibsons. If you don’t know God you need to get to know him and love him for yourself – on a very personal and intimate levels talk to him – speak your heart OPENLY and he will listen – you may pray for things and expect results now – but it’s all about Gods timing….. I often wonder why did it take so long to get here? But everything that I know and everything WE learned through it all prepared our spirit for the season we are now…… I often wonder IF the peace had came sooner than now would we even appreciate it as much as we do now….?? The power of God is REAL…. This year alone I witnessed my believed mother come back to life out of being on breathing tubes on life support to her walking and talking on her own again….. And now this? Don’t ever question the power of the Lord Jesus Christ

Good for them!

The smile on Shayla‘s face says it all!