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Loni Love Reaches Out To Tamar Braxton – ‘I Am Here…Nothing Has Changed’

Loni Love - Tamar Braxton

Loni Love Reaches Out To Tamar Braxton

Loni Love has been under attack on social media after folks came to the conclusion she was the one who stabbed Tamar Braxton in the back.

Two days after the news of Tamar’s departure from “The Real,” Loni has taken to social media to reach out to her friend and former co-host.

You shine bright.. Keep shining.. You have been my twinkle toes, my head chef, crazy friend that makes me smile. You know I love you and your family. Your faith has made me strong, your jokes make me laugh and I know that you will continue to soar as you always do. Know that no matter what I only want and wish you the best. I am here, nothing has changed. Take the time you need but know as I have always been, I am here.

Tamar unfollowed Loni Love on social media hours before the news of her firing went public.

She also wrote a lengthy post about being stabbed in the back and announced she would be taking a break from social media.

Your thoughts?

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