Rachel Dolezal on The Real - Loni Love


Rachel Dolezal to appear on “The Real”

Rachel Dolezal, the former Spokane NAACP leader who was outed as a white woman, will appear on “The Real” for a candid conversation about race.

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In the newly released clip, Loni Love shot straight from the hip when she told Rachel, “You’re in my house..so let’s get real. Alright? Let’s just get real.”

That’s when Loni told Rachel why so many people were hurt and angry about her cover as a black woman.

It was hurtful to a lot of black women because there were some people who felt you never identified yourself as white. So, when you went to Howard University people felt like they never knew you were white – you were black.

And so they felt like maybe the scholarship or when you got admitted to Howard that took an opportunity from a black woman.

You can identify…because you’re beautiful, but we’re trying to understand why in some instances you never told people that you were white.

Loni finally cut to the chase and asked Rachel Dolezal, “Are you ashamed of being white?”

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